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  • In the FDP Chair Election, Annette Taddeo is our Candidate For Progress

    In 2022 the nation saw the right-wing politics of DeSantis rise in Florida. Swing states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona offer shining examples of how the right can be defeated. Progressive causes and oppressed communities of Florida are the ones that suffer from the division among those of us opposed to Trump politics. Now is the time to address these divisions, so a new Chair for the Florida Democratic Party has a chance at succeeding.

  • Millions Wasted In Primaries Were Needed in Minnesota Special Election

    Our initial review of Rochester, Minnesota nonprofit or church social media found less than 1 in 10 had reminders about the August 9 Special Election for Congressional District 1. These preliminary findings of a survey conducted by For Progress highlight a problem for people opposed to Trump politics. 

  • Securing Reproductive Rights

    "In the late 1990s, I was a teen girl that had slipped through the cracks of the foster care system, struggling first to survive and to stay in school. There are many things that helped me find housing, work, earn a college degree and achieve success; not least of which was the free contraception provided to me by the state of Colorado. The statistics demonstrate the success of this program, and Colorado was able to cut teen pregnancies in half: but the true benefit of such programs is immeasurable." - Fellow testimony

  • Expand Medicare

    I worked for thirty four years in the Navy as a software engineer. After twenty three years, I almost lost all I’d worked for when management tried to fire me for being active in my union.  I was lucky in that my union provided support and an attorney to help me save my job, my pension—and my healthcare.  But not everyone is as lucky as I am.  

  • Virginia 2021

    Republican Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia 2021 election show that our nation will regress if progressives fail to organize in swing counties, districts, and states.