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  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

    (5 min read) - Undocumented workers make up 3.4% of the population. A 2016 study by economists Ryan Edwards and Francesc Ortega estimated that the removal of undocumented workers would result in an annual loss of $434 billion to our economy. The profits made by the productivity of undocumented workers far outweigh the associated costs like health care and education. The problem is not the productivity of migrant workers, who are especially needed when there is a great need for workers. Instead the trouble is similar to the exploitation of other workers that are paid far too little. Corporations and the wealthy leave it to the rest of the population to cover expenses these workers cannot afford. Anti-immigrant politics shift blame to the undocumented to distract us from corporate and wealth interests that profit from these workers.

  • Open Letter To The People

    (5 min. read) - There is a kind of political division rising in our society that is poisonous to democracy; because it is harmful to any relationship. In the U.S. a politic of lies, logic fallacies, and unfairness culminated in the January 6th 2021 insurrection at the capitol. If you normalize this politic in any group, especially when there is too little agreement building and too little accomplishment, people lose faith in the group. This venomous politic is harming our republic with extremism. Even if 2024 is won, it's important to review presidential polling at the end of 2023.