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Immigration Reform Must Be Won By Organizing For Elections 
Old Senate Rules Are Not The Way Forward

It is not surprising that the US Senate Parliamentarian ruled that comprehensive immigration reform does not fit within the Byrd Rule for budget reconciliation. We should not make ourselves dependent on obscure US Senate rule change or executive action for our liberation. In our republic, changes to law are decided by Congress or, when that fails, the removal of those opposed and replacement with a pro-reform supermajority. We need organizers committed to building great progressive coalitions capable of electing super majorities to congress for immigration reform.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

(5 min read) - Immigration reform concerns us all. Undocumented workers make up 3.4% of the population. A 2016 study by economists Ryan Edwards and Francesc Ortega estimated that their removal would result in an annual loss of $434 billion to our economy. Migrants contribute greatly to our economy and society. The problem is businesses that exploit this workforce pay less in wages while pushing health care, education, and other costs to the rest of us.