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Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

(5 min read) - Immigration reform concerns us all. Undocumented workers make up 3.4% of the population. A 2016 study by economists Ryan Edwards and Francesc Ortega estimated that their removal would result in an annual loss of $434 billion to our economy. The businesses that exploit this workforce pay less in wages while pushing health care, education, and other costs to the rest of us.

Open Letter To The People

(5 min. read) - There is so much division in our society it is dragging down belief in democracy. Like most relationships, if there is too much arguing in a group and too little agreement building and accomplishment, people lose faith in it. To address these problems it's helpful to begin by demystifying democracy by leveraging our personal experience. We also should discuss one of the greatest threats to it so we appreciate the urgent need to recommit ourselves to settling differences by democratic process.