We, as a coalition of moderates, progressives, and independents, have yet to celebrate our victory—the 2020 platform. It was a milestone; an unprecedented call for infrastructure investment, healthcare and other reforms, as well as a new tax structure that is fairer to the working class. But we act as if it never happened. We act as if we have not received consent of the people to govern.

Every four years, our society invests a great deal of resources into the selection of not just a president, but also a platform, which lists the goals that the people have decided upon for our country. The Constitution is clear on how to make such a list: build agreement among the states, and then elect a majority to the Congress, along with a president in support. This process is known as “gaining consent.” It is by no means perfect, but its capacity to bring about progress—powerful, legitimate, and lasting progress—is unmatched. 

We need only to look at the labor struggle of the 1920s or the civil rights movement of the 1960s to see what is possible. These violent and divisive times were overcome by building broad coalitions, which voted out the politicians who opposed them.

However, many groups on the left today act like they know better. They make unviable demands long after the election—demands that do not have sufficient organizing to elect a super majority to congress. In doing so, they risk a fascist takeover of this country. The grandstanding does nothing to move things left, brings down the polling of candidates opposed to regress, energizes Trump organizing, and their timing could not be worse. Every day the far right targets vulnerable districts that are up for election next year. The fascists will win if we do not have solidarity in our coalition—which hinges on its ability to vote again and again.

For Progress is dedicated to helping this coalition of 81 million people come together in moving our platform forward. In doing so, we aim to liberate every state from the grip of Trump-style politics that has infected all levels of office. We are confident in the power of voter registration to protect this country from extremism. We train volunteers on grassroots organizing to make communities heard, and politicians accountable. 

Defending democracy is everyone’s responsibility. We hope to hear from you soon and help you support your community.