Republican Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia 2021 election show that our nation will regress if progressives fail to organize in swing counties, districts, and states. 

In Obama's first term (2009), his party lost Virginia by 17.3%. This year VA was lost by 2.5%. In Trump's first term (2017), his party lost Virginia by 8.9%. Biden outperformed both. 

In Obama's first term (2009), his party lost New Jersey by 4.4%. This year NJ was won by 2.3%. In Trump's first term (2017), his party lost New Jersey by 14.1%. The platform that won 2020 won 2021.

Black leaders like Stacey Abrams have shown the way forward in Georgia; voter registration, get out the vote, and accountability of regressive candidates. Would an audit of strategy, funding, and activity of non-profits of the left show alignment to this?

After all the damage done by Trump supporters is the Left finally waging total war on the elected, corporate, wealth, and psuedo-religious enablers of his fascist politics? Nope, we're still wasting time fixating on centrists. We keep repeating the mistake made by leftists of 1930 Germany. The leaders of the German KPD (communist) party also failed to fight rising fascism, because they were obsessed with bringing down the centrist establishment, until a Night of Long Knives and castrophe for oppressed folk proved how horribly wrong neglecting to effectively fight the far right is.

The problem is not centrists or center-right politicians like, US Senator Manchin of West Virginia. The constitution is clear, consent of the people's states represented by winning senate elections for your policies is required to change laws. We failed to win a US Senate super-majority in 2020 to pass the policies we want. Why?

In 2020 US Senate elections in Maine, Iowa, and North Carolina were lost to regressive candidates by 2-4 %. We needed two more pro-reform US Senators to overcome the objections of Senators Manchin (WV) and Sinema (AZ). Since 2009 too much of the left has wasted time on unviable policies and neglected swing spaces. In 2006 and 2008 we had a left focused on fighting regressives and this removed so many regressives from office they only retained 41 US Senate seats and 23 governorships. Removing regressives from power is historically the key to passing major policies like the New Deal and Great Society.

We need a movement of progressive organizers committed to holding together and growing the 81 million voter coalition of 2020. Presidential approval ratings signal the unity of that coalition is in trouble. That’s what lost VA and is stalling our agenda.

When presidential approval ratings of 52%+ signaled the coalition was strong, we had positive traction toward the $3.5 trillion package. As approval ratings slide below 52%, it signals regressives are more and more likely to win Congress in 2022; which rewards stalling and obstruction.

We are wasting time fixating on Manchin, when we should be punishing pro-Trump US Senate candidates in WI, PA, NC, FL, and OH to the point where they were polling to lose 2022. Instead we are trending to lose 2022, keep wasting time on things that don't remove obstructionists, refuse to admit this waste only helps obstructionists, and expect bargaining power for voting rights, the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill, and more.

The filibuster and the US Senate Parliamentarian have protected the New Deal and Great Society when Republicans won Congress. So the 12 months wasted debating the end of the filibuster is another example of how we lose.

The 2020 platform won NJ in 2021. Infighting over unviable policies in 2009 helped the Tea Party win 2010. If we focus on the example of Georgia, the 2020 platform can win the congressional super-majority we need in 2022.