(3 min read) - Trump supporters are volunteering and donating regularly to keep their fascist politics going. There are millions of voters who loath having facts or logic presented to them that contradict how they want to see the world. Their rejection of facts, logic, and fairness for fellowship is behind the worst episodes of history.

In 2022 their focus on fundraising, canvassing, and voting won them the US House. The Jan 6th insurrection should have marked the point in history when all leftist grassroots and nonprofit groups delivered so much accountability to the right for sedition, that the Republican Party and all it's enabling institutions should have collapsed. Imagine if the January 6th mob had engaged in a day of racist driven attacks on minority neighborhoods and the left failed to deliver appropriate consequences, you would have to admit that you don't have the leaders and organizing you need to protect your neighborhoods, if the response was less than impressive. That you have groups and leaders who claim to care about racism, but when the evil danger kills and destroys, the response is grossly lacking.

The failure to hold them accountable has emboldened them. expect the 81 million voters that defeated them in 2020 to slow down and fracture after elections; we repeat this mistake despite how it always allows the far right to recover and counterattack. The platform that united 81 million non-regressive voters in 2020 is key to growing to the coalition that defeated Trump. When we have platform policy victories, we need to not only celebrate, but leverage wins to build enthusiasm within the coalition to remain focused on defeating the far right. This requires holding this pro-Trump right wing coalition accountable for the damage it does, but also requires organizers to fundraise, recruiting volunteers, persuading the undecided to join us, having folks sign up for regular communication, pledging them to vote, and ensure supporter voter registration. 

Our fellowship training program includes opportunities to practice doing what we need to win; including fundraising, field, communications, operations, and other essential work. We begin with some of the most challenging gaps progressive organizers face; grassroots fundraising and volunteer field work. Fellows benefit from personal and professional development through this program; including marketable skills that are in demand among employers. The intention though is that as your organizing becomes stronger, along with others doing the same, you all help community achieve measurable progress and the forward momentum.

As a fellow in training you practice what you learn in an active campaign. In addition to a campaign role, every fellow also takes on a role within For Progress to support campaigns collectively. 

To illustrate the intention and care put into our training model it’s helpful to review an example; grassroots fundraising. Fellows in Training begin by organizing their contacts and asking the people they know for support. Overcoming the fear of fundraising is personally empowering. While this is needed to do have any chance at challenging the massive wealth interests we face, more importantly, grassroots fundraising is a key people power throughout civil rights history. Exploring the connections between your network and other groups and individuals, asking for their help to grow your network strategically, is what unlocks the potential of your personal network. This work requires us to appreciate the value of what we are doing and why it deserves investment. It involves education, human connection, and building agreement to supporting you. When people do this together it leads to sustainable community organizing. The care and thought put into grassroots fundraising is also put into our training on field, communication, and other roles.

Our fellowship program offers experience with integrated community, legislative, and electoral power building. Our training program begins with one-to-one sessions, has several homework projects, and culminates with a team fundraising event on a Friday before a full-day Saturday training conference. Optional advanced training is available on Sunday. We welcome you to join in via our: 

fellowship sign-on page.