Fellowship For Progress

(3 min read) - Regressives are volunteering regularly to keep Trump-style fascist politics going. They are angry and doing the work of fundraising, canvassing, and recruitment to win in 2022. They expect the 81 million voters that defeated them in 2020 to slow down and fracture by 2022. The platform that united 81 million non-regressive voters in 2020 is key to growing the coalition. When we have victories, we need to not only celebrate, but leverage wins to build enthusiasm, register voters, pledge them to vote, grassroots fundraise, and recruit volunteers. 

Our training program includes opportunities to practice doing what we need to win; including field, communications, operations, and other essential work. We begin with some of the most challenging gaps progressive organizers face; grassroots fundraising and volunteer canvassing work. Fellows benefit from personal and professional development through this program. The intention though is that as you gain strength, combined with others doing the same, you are all more powerful when working together. 

The training itself is a rallying point for building up grassroots campaigns to advance the Platform For Progress. Fellows in training start in existing campaigns to practice what they learn. This is necessary to develop the experience and trust that is needed to launch new campaigns in the future. It's not enough to launch individual campaigns on various issues, because it's easier to defeat us that way. Groups working on different issues need to work in coalition if they have any chance against 74 million angry Trump voters in 2022. Supporting others as we want to be supported is essential to passing legislation, so For Progress nurtures communication and cooperation among campaigns via our fellowship program. In addition to a campaign role, every fellow also takes on a role within For Progress to support campaigns collectively. 

To illustrate the intention and care put into our training model it’s helpful to review an example; grassroots fundraising. Fellows in Training begin by organizing their contacts and asking the people they know for support. Overcoming the fear of fundraising is personally empowering. While this is needed to do have any chance at challenging the massive wealth interests we face, more importantly, grassroots fundraising is a key people power throughout civil rights history. Exploring the connections between your network and other groups and individuals, asking for their help to grow your network strategically, is what unlocks the potential of your personal network. This work requires us to appreciate the value of what we are doing and why it deserves investment. It involves education, human connection, and building agreement to supporting you. When people do this together it leads to sustainable community organizing. The care and thought put into grassroots fundraising is also put into our training on field, communication, and other roles.

Our fellowship program offers experience with integrated community, legislative, and electoral power building. Our training program begins with one-to-one sessions, has several homework projects, and culminates with a team fundraising event on a Friday before a full-day Saturday training conference. Optional advanced training is available on Sunday. We welcome you to join in via our: 

fellowship sign-on page.