Fellowship Sign-on

The following is based on the Open Letter.

Fellow Benefits

  • Campaign roles offer professional skill development.
  • Personal network development using candidate model.
  • Practice addressing key challenges in organizing (e.g. neighborhood team organizing, voter registration, grassroots fundraising, etc.).


  • Loyalty to the settling of differences by democratic process.
  • Integrated organizing of the People’s Community, Law-Making, and Representative Power to advance the platform selected by democratic process.
  • Support of other campaigns as you want your primary concerns supported.
  • Fight the organized rejection of facts, logic, and fairness for political followership; fascism.

Fellowship Requirements

  • Weekly 5hrs of organizing minimum.
  • Active role in a campaign and another role in For Progress to provide support for other fellows.

Application Process

  • Letter of Recommendation by an active Fellow.

Fellow In Training Phase

  • Engage and Build Your personal Support Network - Start with a list of friends, family, and acquaintances. Then list out civic, business/professional, and faith groups they are connected to. Finally, add other groups and leaders from each of those categories you'd like to connect with.
  • Projects in support of all For Progress campaigns as well as projects in a campaign.
  • Commitment to pre-conference workshops, related study, grassroots fund raising of $100 for the training, and other training.

After being accepted into the program, the Fellow In Training phase of the program begins. A series of group workshops sessions will provide training and tasks to help you develop/improve your organizing skills. This leads into a yearly conference that Fellows in Training help organize. The yearly conference of active fellows is where campaigns for the following year are decided by those who pledge to contribute weekly work. In addition, Fellows in Training have opportunities to practice what they learn in our active campaigns and For Progress projects that offer general support to fellows and campaigns.

Active Fellowship

  • Develop yearly personal development plan
  • One role in an issue campaign.
  • Another role in support of all fellows.

Each active Fellow is expected to serve in a campaign to advance a part of the 2020 platform and to also hold a role in a project within For Progress that supports campaigns and fellows as a whole. Goal setting and path planning are essential to continuous building of skills, network, and exposure needed to better serve the progressive movement and the people. The more we help one another grow and gain influence in fellowship, the greater our collective capacity to serve is.

Welcome to our fellowship