Training For Progress

Regressives are volunteering regularly to keep Trump style fascist politics going. They are doing the work of fundraising, canvassing, and recruitment to win in 2022. Despite all their atrocious failures during the Trump administration, they are making direct asks and shamelessly gaining commitment to their coalition. They are counting us to slow down and for the non-regressive coalition that defeated them in 2020 to fracture by 2022. So we need to advance the platform that 81.2 million non-regressive voters gave their consent to in 2020; this is what unites us. To win we must embrace and master grassroots fundraising, phone banking, pledges to vote, recruitment and more.

Our fellowship program offers experience with integrated community, legislative, and electoral power building. The training program includes opportunities to practice with field, communications, operations, and other essential campaign roles. We begin with some of the most challenging gaps progressive organizers face; grassroots fundraising and volunteer canvassing work. While fellows benefit in personal and professional development through this work, the program is designed with great faith in how strengthening your power, combined with others doing the same, can help you make a difference.

The training itself is a rally point for building up grassroots campaigns to advance the Platform For Progress. Fellows in training start off in existing campaigns to practice what they learn. This is key to developing the experience and trust that is needed to help launch new campaigns in the future. It's nearly impossible for campaigns to build the majority power to elect legislative majorities that will pass their agenda without support of the others. Supporting others as we want to be supported is essential passing legislative, so For Progress nurturing communication and cooperation among campaigns. In addition to a campaign role, every fellow is also takes on a role within For Progress to support campaigns collectively. 

To illustrate the intention and care put into our training model it’s helpful to review an example; grassroots fundraising. Fellows in Training begin by organizing their contacts and asking the people they know for support. It's not just that overcoming the fear of fundraising is personally empowering. While this work is need to do have any chance at challenging the massive wealth interests we face, the heart of it is people power. Exploring the connections between your network and other groups and individuals, asking for their help to grow your network strategically, is what unlocks the potential of grassroots fundraising. This work requires us to appreciate the value of what we are doing and why it deserves investment. It involves education, human connection, and building agreement to supporting you. When people do this together it leads to sustainable community organizing. The care and thought we put into grassroots fundraising is also put into our training on field, communication, and other roles.

Our trainings begin with one-to-one sessions, have several homework projects, and culminate with a community fundraiser on a Friday before a full day Saturday training conference. An optional advanced training is available on Sunday. Trainees go into that weekend with a campaign role and with a role within For Progress in support of all campaigns. Just as exercise and other things that are important take some time to realize the benefits, so does involvement in community. The home and work spaces we rely on depend on the community they exist in and our communities are showing the signs of needing our help. We welcome you to join in via the fellowship sign-on page.

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