Train For Progress

People learn best by doing. We offer a training program that helps people understand the vital roles in legislative and electoral organizing by practice. We even begin by having trainees do grassroots fundraising. This is followed by planning, field, communications, and other essential campaign roles.

The training itself is a launchpad for participation in legislative grassroots campaigns to change law. Trainees can form campaigns or join existing efforts. For Progress helps these diverse campaigns communicate and collaborate because divided they are easier to defeat, but united they can develop majority coalition power. This is so important that everyone is also expected to take on a role in For Progress to support these campaigns collectively. 

To illustrate the intention behind our training model it’s helpful to have an overview of how we start with grassroots fundraising. Building out their contact lists helps the trainee appreciate their personal network. Engaging that network is not just about the donation, but education, human connection, building agreement to supporting you, as well as sustainable community organizing. We put the same care and intention into our training on field, communication, and other roles.

Our trainings begin with one to one sessions, have several homework projects, and culminate with a fundraiser on a Friday evening followed by a full day training. An optional advanced training is available on Sunday. Trainees go into the weekend final session with the campaigns and roles they‘d like to start with; one in a favorite campaign and one in support of all campaigns. The campaigns center on a policy of the platform. 

Our republic is in trouble due to needless division. 80 million have given us a clear majority mandate across 31 states. To preserve belief in democracy, we need to make sure the people’s will is carried out. We welcome you to join in.

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