About FEF

Fund Education Fairly was formed by volunteers of the Adriana Cerrillo Minneapolis School Board campaign in 2020. Our voters have made it clear that their priority is supporting public schools. Unfortunately, the leaders of the Minnesota Senate are undermining efforts to do so.

In last election, voters across the US responded to the harm done by the pandemic by giving a clear mandate for greater investment. At the federal level, funding for education—and more—came through. A multi-party coalition of 81.2 million voted for vital education policies, and we worked to help them enact the reforms they mandated in the 2020 election. In Minnesota however, Republicans in the State Senate have shown as willingness to sacrifice our children's future for their special interest groups. That is unacceptable, and we are working to make sure that public schools are protected.

Our campaign is run democratically through our organizing meetings. We are eager to collaborate with others in organizing to advance the reforms with which a majority agreed last November. Supporters of these reforms are welcome to join in—please use our Volunteer link below for more information. Agenda for Progress Super PAC provides training and support, like this web page, to grassroots efforts working to advance the the 2020 platform.



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