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    Fellow Benefits

    • Training in organizing democratic power 
    • Interconnected Local to Nation Support in organizing
    • Addressing key gaps (e.g. business, faith, grassroots fundraising)


    • Weekly 5hrs of organizing
    • Pre-training prep sessions and related study
    • Friday evening through full-day Saturday training (Sunday optional)
    • One coordinator role in either a campaign or our support network
    • Ensure participation in team in either a campaign or our support network


    • Challenge political fundamentalists
    • Promote the settling of differences by democratic process
    • Address key gaps (e.g. business, grassroots fundraising)
    • Sustainable Organizing - Orgs that support community, should thrive
    • Integrate the Organizing of the People’s Community, Law-Making, and Representative Power
    • Organize the People’s consent to policy through the election of a majority to legislatures for it
    • Work in coalition with diverse campaigns and national network; especially reporting in.
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    Chamber For Progress

    The first corporations formed in our nation were to organize community infrastructure projects like public services and bridge building. American businesses have since the founding worked closely with other community groups to invest in and build up our country. When needs in relationships, like local business and local transit, are well balanced everyone has a better chance of succeeding.

    This balanced approach lead to the greatest expansion of the middle class and business in US history from 1939 to 1968. Beginning with FDR in 1932, over and over competent national leadership aligned to a balanced approach was elected to congress and the presidency. They worked to correct the imbalanced approach of the 1920’s that tilted things toward the benefit of very few. When things are so imbalanced they crash, like they did with the Great Depression, it can take years to recover; but many businesses and families never do. We need to learn from that period and improve on the FDR coalition model. Competent leadership in civic space is as important to a healthy society as it is in business, faith, media, and other influential spaces.

    In the business community many are sincerely interested in sustainable growth. How do we better serve customers, improved benefits and wages for workers, and draw a strong profit for investors to keep this going? Unfortunately, there is a philosophy out there telling us that everyone should just focus on their own interests. This is what brought about the collapse seen in the Great Depression; the more recent Great Recession, and the reckless dismantling of the Obama outbreak containment program. The elimination of banking regulatory safe guards to confine the risk of speculation and the defunding of enforcement did benefit some. The economic collapse from that unbalanced approach ended up harming most business and the greater society many times more. You see this play out again in the contrast between W Bush, Obama and the last administration. After the 2008 Great Recession, a balanced approach from 2009-2016 not only recovered, but lead to the greatest economic expansion in modern history. The incompetence of the last 4 years added $7 trillion to the deficit and undid the Obama government programs that prevented 3 Ebola outbreaks from becoming pandemics. The pandemic alone collapsed 20% of small businesses, but we were the only chance humanity had to stop the outbreak from becoming a pandemic and that failure has resulted in incalculable human suffering.

    It can be confusing for business leaders to judge among the many ideas being offered by so many political factions in society. This complexity makes it easier to settle for the notion that you should just look out for yourself; even though that is not what the best businesses do. The business leaders that persuaded others to support the 45th president are also responsible for the resulting mess. Those who refuse to acknowledge how this was a terrible mistake don’t deserve our trust. So what is a better way forward?

    The Chamber for Progress is dedicated to helping community and business address national issues by supporting the platform or strategic plan that emerges from the largest non-regressive multi-party voter coalition. Our society faces national and global challenges that can only be managed by agreement of the nation to a plan of governance and a majoritarian all-sector push. Too often business groups that support community don’t receive the same acknowledgement and support that community groups do. Without greater community support, businesses sometimes don’t then have resources or time to spare for greater community investment. To ensure sustainability, businesses that support the will of the people expressed via the platform should flourish just as civic groups do when we serve the community. 

    The insurrection at our nation’s Capitol in 2021 was in part the fault of businesses that supported and enabled 45th president to organize the rejection of facts, logic, and fairness for political followership. This problem highlights the urgent need for business leaders to have a collaborative space that is dedicated to working with faith, media, and non-profit organizing to counter that problem. We need business leaders to stand up to those making excuses for the mess made by the 45th president and to replace that politic with somethi Working together in this way, settling of differences through democratic process, we can help our society move beyond this period in history. The FDR coalition included business leaders and showed us a way to rise together. We welcome you to join in.

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    An Open Letter to The People

    There is so much division in our society, so much trouble making democracy work. This is not just undermining progress, it is dragging down belief in republican governance itself. Like other relationships, if there is too much arguing in a group and too little agreement building and accomplishment, people lose faith in it. Things in our nation are getting worse because we are out of touch with how we settle differences by democratic process.

    Groups need open airing of differences, presentation of plans, a vote, and then to work together in support of what the group decided. This is true of friendship, marriage, family, church, work, union and virtually all spaces of human collaboration. Our cities, states, and nation also depend on the settlement of differences by democratic process. It’s important for grassroots, non-profit, legislative, candidate, media, business, and faith organizing to help society appreciate and practice this.

    The need to make republican governance work is especially urgent because of the growth of factions dedicated to the rejection of facts, logic, and fairness for the sake of political followership; power by fascism. Even after the recent attacks on the Capitol, 25% of the population still support the 45th president. What is even worse is that 47% voted to keep enabling this president despite four years of overwhelming evidence of how unethical it is to support him. This is a massive problem that needs dedicated intersectional organizing. For Progress is the first group to propose that the best way to confront this challenge is unity under the platform selected by the largest coalition of voters opposed to regress.

    Every four years our society invests a great deal of time and resources in the selection of not just a president, but a platform for governing. A platform selected by the greatest coalition of voters opposed to regress should serve society like a four year business plan. Sadly, there are many groups putting their agendas above what the people have given their consent for. Our constitution is clear, you should build agreement among the states for change to the point the people elect a majority to congress and a president in support. If you have not done the work of gaining consent in this way, then you don’t deserve to change the people’s laws or to govern the people. This understanding of republican governance is key to addressing needless division among those of us who are for progress.

    Our society conducts a presidential primary process across all 50 states that all parties can leverage to draw a majority of people to a candidate and platform. It’s important to acknowledge the legitimacy only such a massive democratic process can confer, because when too many groups put their agenda ahead of this, it fundamentally harms our union. Friendship, marriage, family, church, union, city, state, nation are all human relationships that depend a deep appreciation for the importance of not just what you want, but also others; and then building agreement to a course of action. The national candidate debates reach tens of millions. Tens of thousands of media reports cover a wide diversity of the people’s concerns. Hundreds of millions are spent by campaigns to persuade and mobilize the people’s support through their vote; along with countless volunteer hours. This not only produces tens of millions of votes, it is the greatest delegation of legitimate power and mandate in our republic. 

    For Progress is dedicated to helping largest non-regressive multi-party voter coalition move their platform forward. Just as grassroots groups flourish when they support what the community needs, so too should non-profit, candidate, media, business, and faith groups that do the same. In the last presidential election 81.2 million came together in support of a wide variety of issues that impact all these vital sectors. We hope to be in touch soon so we can work together to help you and our republic thrive together.

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    Train For Progress

    People learn best by doing. We offer a training program that helps people understand the vital roles in legislative and electoral organizing by practice. We even begin by having trainees do grassroots fundraising. This is followed by planning, field, communications, and other essential campaign roles.

    The training itself is a launchpad for participation in legislative grassroots campaigns to change law. Trainees can form campaigns or join existing efforts. For Progress helps these diverse campaigns communicate and collaborate because divided they are easier to defeat, but united they can develop majority coalition power. This is so important that everyone is also expected to take on a role in For Progress to support these campaigns collectively. 

    To illustrate the intention behind our training model it’s helpful to have an overview of how we start with grassroots fundraising. Building out their contact lists helps the trainee appreciate their personal network. Engaging that network is not just about the donation, but education, human connection, building agreement to supporting you, as well as sustainable community organizing. We put the same care and intention into our training on field, communication, and other roles.

    Our trainings begin with one to one sessions, have several homework projects, and culminate with a fundraiser on a Friday evening followed by a full day training. An optional advanced training is available on Sunday. Trainees go into the weekend final session with the campaigns and roles they‘d like to start with; one in a favorite campaign and one in support of all campaigns. The campaigns center on a policy of the platform. 

    Our republic is in trouble due to needless division. 81.2 million have given us a clear majority mandate across 31 states. To preserve belief in democracy, we need to make sure the people’s will is carried out. We welcome you to join in.

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    Partnership For Progress

    We specialize in helping groups organize grassroots powered campaigns and work with consultants who do the same for candidates. Our work helps people build toward majority coalitions capable of changing laws and electing better representatives. We'd like to be of service, please contact us.


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