Throughout our nation's history business, faith, and civic groups have made the essential difference in addressing difficult times. The American Revolution, abolitionists, suffragettes, civil rights and more have depended on engagement by these groups.

Merchants were very involved in Committees of Correspondence that were vital to building local support for the American Revolution. Abolitionist organizing often took place in churches. Much of the suffrage movement emerged from experience gained in the abolition movement. Civic groups, like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and the International Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, were instrumental to the civil rights movement. These groups invested in and grew thanks to helping the people they serve address difficult issues.

Below is a sample email your group can share with those you serve to encourage them to participate in democracy. 


In [region] we have a special election for US House District 1 on August 9.

This election is not only about the candidates, but also what political coalition has the majority of seats in Congress. We manage differences in our democracy through elections. If the governing coalition is trending to lose, then this stalls and can even reverse their legislative efforts.

When those opposed to the laws you want are trending to lose, this greatly advances negotiations. This special election is a powerful way in which Minnesotans can send a signal to the state and nation on various issues. Please share this reminder to vote and let us know if you have a plan to vote or have voted already.