• Virginia 2021

    Republican Glenn Youngkin and the Virginia 2021 election show that our nation will regress if progressives fail to organize in swing counties, districts, and states. 

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now

    (5 min read) - There are many stories that show why immigration reform should concern us all. In 2006, I met a young mother of two in Sarasota Florida who was gravely ill. Her farm work did not leave her with enough to afford treatment. Back then I was a Dreamer, my own experience being brought here as a child meant I knew how vulnerable the children and their mother were. We organized media attention and a community fundraiser so the family could obtain the treatment the mother needed. Over and over, I have come across terrible situations like this where people suffer despite working hard for corporations that make tremendous profits off that labor. So, why do poor migrants get blamed and not those that profit?

  • Open Letter To The People

    (5 min. read) - There is a kind of political division rising in our society that is poisonous to democracy; because it is harmful to any relationship. In the U.S. a politic of lies, logic fallacies, and unfairness culminated in the January 6th 2021 insurrection at the capitol. If you normalize this kind of behavior in any group, especially when there is too little agreement building and too little accomplishment, people lose faith in the group. Thankfully, everyday personal experience can help us understand the relationship we are in called democracy and the threat we face.