Agenda For Progress Super PAC

For Progress is a grassroots organizing fellowship. The strategy and theory of change is described in ourĀ Open Letter. Grassroots groups often have trouble helping business, faith, civic and other organizations understand how to partner with and fundraise in support of grassroots campaigns. This gap can stifle and dry up grassroots organizing. The challenge is that grassroots organizing has a similar role in society that small business has in the economy, it is a source of innovation that advances things in ways that established business have not. Just as small business is key to a diverse sustainable economy, so too is grassroots organizing key to a sustainable social ecology.

Most of the most important grassroots reform efforts enjoyed support and alliance from interested business, faith, and civic groups. Grassroots civil rights organizing in the 1960s is just one of many examples. Agenda For Progress Super PAC exists to serve as an example of how all of these organizations can partner with For Progress campaigns. As a non-profit we develop examples of how 501c3, 501c4, PACs, business, faith and other groups can participating in grassroots campaigns as partners. We also offer consultation for groups in this participation can help them grow. Key to nurturing support for this work is that organizations that help the community also thrive.

Just as businesses, churches, and civic groups can organize in agreement with the For Progress Open Letter, Agenda for Progress does so. We subscribe to announcements by For Progress and then organize fundraising, operations, communication as allies; in the hope that our example encourages businesses, churches, and civic organizations to work in alliance with grassroots campaigns.