Agenda 2018 Call

It's time to organize the Agenda 2018 convention to do our part in the democratic process of aligning the laws and representation of the people to their expressed will.

Agenda 2018 Objectives

  • Review which policy positions received the greatest number of votes in the 2016 election
  • Build agreement on policy positions around which to build community power in the 2018 elections
  • Put this into a survey for candidates
  • Build committment to organizing needed to survey candidates on these positions
  • Build group committment to grassroots involvement in the 2018 elections to the fullest extent of IRS rules
  • Build individual committment to grassroots organizing in the 2018 election to the fullest extent granted by the constitution

Non-regressives must do more than say we are not Trump, we need to speak with greater unity about our goals to inspire people to organize during the 2018 elections. The challenge is how to arrive at goals through democratic process so that it is grounded in the legitimacy that only the people can confer by majority.

Thankfully every four years millions of Americans take part in the primary process and national party conventions. The largest concentration of non-regressive primary votes and convention give platforms democratic and ethical legitimacy around which progressives can organize and call for unity. They and relevant bills are a key resource upon which which the progressive movement should build democratic power in the upcoming elections; Agenda 2018.

Non-profit groups can look at what policy positions drew the greatest support in the last presidential election and decide which positions they want to organize their membership in this election within the guidelines governing IRS 501(c3) and other non-profit groups. We can organize our communities and constituencies in alliance with one another. 501(c3) orgs have a duty to their constituency to approach candidates and insist that they inform us if they support or oppose diverse policy positions. And every individual, regardless of their affiliations, also has a duty to participate in the electoral process with the full rights conferred by the constitution. Especially those who work and volunteer in the non-profit sector, thanks to the resources granted by their community and constituency, have an obligation to them to be involved in democracy in their personal time.

Agenda 2018 is a vehicle by which participating groups and individuals can maximize their involvement and coalition building through the democratic process. Please join our organizing calls.

September 10, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9pm
(712) 451-0000,,357658#
Edwin · · 202-656-4055

Will you come?

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